"When I first came up to Tahoe years ago I loved being lakeside but from the first moment I stepped in the Town of Truckee, it was a done deal. The Truckee community was incredible. Mountain biking, back country backpacking, trail running, skiing, rock climbing, 12 years later I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." - Ricardo G. 

"Personally, I love wandering around downtown" - Joel V.

“I love that my kids are going to grow up in such a beautiful place where they can learn to love and appreciate the outdoors as much as I do. I love that it's accessible to so much stuff, snowboarding/skiing, biking, climbing, water sports, hiking, the list goes on and on. I love being part of such a cool community, being a small town but still close to big places (Reno, Sacramento). I love no just having so many mountains around but incredible mountains. Plus so much more." -Allison G.

"Fly fishing and mountain biking 👍" - Cole M.

"Easy access to the great outdoors! Also, it's a small town with a lot to offer. If you look at other similar sized Northern California towns, they don't have the employment opportunities Truckee has. The thriving downtown scene, fabulous restaurants and resort destinations make Truckee unique." - Sky E.

"Knowing I am raising my kids in a small town where we all watch out for each other. Knowing that the friends one makes in this town are life long friends. The beauty that surrounds us daily makes it hard to not love living here." - Karen C.

"Mountain living with summer fall winter spring every year. The climate and geographical attract a lot of interesting people." - Devin N.

"Fresh air, nature and the liked minded community who are willing to give a helping hand if needed. Personally, I lived here to be close to north shore as its close proximity to kings beach, incline, Tahoe city, Squaw and Reno (in case you need to be around more shopping and people) more to enjoy!" - Vanessa V.

"Community, Beauty, nature, outdoor activities, small town, lots of fun things going on too. Love all the outdoor music in summer." - Susan J. 

"1) the full timers are down to earth, community minded, outdoor types that enjoy the four seasons. 2) some of the worlds best dirt biking trails. 3) easy 4x4 access to remote and desolate lakes, rivers, camping to escape the hoards of tourists in the summer. 4) one of the worlds best lakes is right over the hill. I could go on and on...." - Brandon 

"I absolutely love being close to my family again. Music in the park!!! ♡♡♡♡ beautiful scenery" - Michelle M.

"People - community - snow - mountains - nature!" - Stephanie B.

"The morning mountain air, the sound of spring runoff, the silence of a winter snow, the dry wind in the fall, the riverside espresso, the smiles on others after an afternoon in the trees, a moon dust winding trail, the full moon rising over Donner Lake in the late fall, swimming in fresh water lakes, yoga and meditation with other mountain souls, falling leaves along Coldstream creek, a lingering drift along the crest trails, high-altitude wildflowers, some barrel aged dark beer from 50/50, rosy cheeks after a trail run, watching our dogs run free along the Truckee river and a random summer thunderstorm." - Leslie W.

"The community, love and support of [Truckee/Tahoe People Facebook] group alone is the reason I love Truckee" - Michelle G.

"The people. The vibe. The fresh air. Raising my kids somewhere that I'm not afraid to let them play outside. The running trails." - Lacey D.

"Tahoe sunsets are incredible! I love Tahoe in Summer and in the Fall! I love how dog friendly Tahoe is and enjoy meeting all the cool dogs and their owners while out on a daily walk." - Sue W.

"Good energy and calmness! I love North Lake and Truckee" - Daniela C.

"There are soooo many good hiking trails, easy to difficult. And the summer is not sweltering." - Lisa O. 

"The kindness of the people, the sweet air, freedom!!" - Peggy B.

"Locals" - Daniel R.

"Love the small town feeling with great shops, coffee, and restaurants" - Jackie P.

"the outdoors are phenomenal" - Kory A.

"All the lakes that are unknown to tourist! 💕" - Sarasourus R.

"[I love] Our school district!" - Nanette R.

"Clear air. Snow. Lakes. Trees. Community. Amazing talents of citizens. Great town center, food, shops. Trails, skiing, bike paths. " - Celia D.

"It's home "- Jenn H. 


"Just moved here three weeks ago, and already it's everything I've always wanted for my girls (aged 3.75 and 1). Things that let me know I'm in the right place: The first time my oldest had a "sick day" (an unfortunate case of lice, so she was feeling fine but couldn't go to school), we went on a spur-of-the-moment snowtubing adventure for the first time. Hearing her screaming and laughing and shouting out "I did it!! I went all the way to the bottom! I love the snoooow!!" And the peace of mind of knowing our cost of living was still reasonable enough that I can run my own business AND take an afternoon off when my kids need me (I'm a PR and Marketing contractor in the outdoor industry.) Living right next to Glenshire Elementary and seeing the awesome facilities, happy kids and engaged parents... Oh, and the first time we were driving home with epic alpenglow and my daughter screamed out "Stoooop! Look at the beautiful sky, everyone!" I hope the magic never wears off. (We'd spent all our time previously lakeside, but with the two kids on board, Truckee feels like where it's at for us right now.)" - Heather T.

"Truckee Thursday" - James G.

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